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Cancer is no longer a disease. Yes, you read it right. According to research conducted by the University of Cambridge, it has revealed that cancer is just a vitamin deficiency and can be completely cured. But before explaining it in detail, I would like you to know that there are cancer cells in every body, that’s right, cancer cells exist in your body and in my body too. It only multiplies and spreads throughout the body due to vitamin b17 deficiency.

Cancer was first detected in soldiers in World War II, where they had to travel long distances and fight without enough nutritious food. Since then, the disease has been termed incurable. However, it is revealed that cancer can be cured and prevented by eating the following foods that are rich in vitamin b17. Healthy eating is often neglected by us in our busy schedule and eating unhealthy food at irregular intervals triggers obesity and develops ulcers and other stomach disorders. Here are some tips for healthy eating.


The blueberry fruit is an excellent source of vitamin b17. Drinking cranberry juice every day is an excellent antioxidant for your body. It is also good for diabetics.


Almonds are high in vitamin b17 and eating 15 grams of almonds soaked overnight in mineral water and having it for breakfast is an excellent food to start your day.

black mulberry

Black mulberry is an excellent fruit rich in vitamin b17. Eating black mulberries every day meets most of your vitamin needs.


Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and b17. Regular consumption of strawberries prevents diabetes and regulates blood pressure and also prevents cancer.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are rich in vitamin b17 and regular consumption will regulate blood pressure and prevent cancer.


Cashews are rich in vitamin b17 and are an excellent source of protein for your body. Eating 10 grams of cashew every day for breakfast is an excellent start to the day.


Pistachios are also high in vitamin b17 and are an excellent source of protein. Eating 10 grams at breakfast is an excellent start to the day.


Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), a member of the grass family, is an important cereal grown in temperate climates worldwide and is an excellent source of vitamin b17. Drinking barley water prevents the formation of kidney stones, removes toxins from the stomach, and lowers cholesterol.

wheat grass

Wheatgrass is excellent efficacy for curing things like arthritis, diabetes, wound healing, bacterial infections, common colds, UTIs.


Amla or Indian gooseberry is an excellent fruit rich in vitamin C, vitamin b17. Eating this gooseberry every day provides all the vitamins for your body.

Finally, wash your vegetables in vinegar before cooking and pour some vinegar over your utensils after washing them with detergents, as this will remove toxic cancer-causing chemicals from your body.

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