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Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar. It is also the former capital of the country. The city is known for its culture and religious significance. This is also the city where King Thi Paw, the last king of Burma, was taken by the British government to India in 1885. Apart from its history and famous customs, Mandalay is a must-see city due to its beautiful sights. . places.

Here are the top Mandalay sights you shouldn’t miss when visiting the city:

mandalay hill – A 790-foot hill is located northeast of the city of Mandalay. The hill dominates the rest of the city with different religious buildings and country houses. Visitors love to hike to the top of the hill to see the wonderful view of Mandalay from above. Most tourists prefer to go to the hill in the late afternoon to witness the magnificent sunset from the top. Apart from that, there are also historical statues, pagodas and temples to see in the place. You can also enjoy buying souvenirs in the different stalls in the area.

mandalay fort – This fort was built in 1860 by the then King of Myanmar. The wooden palace has huge walls that are 8 meters high. You will see a watchtower at each corner of the fort which makes the place more attractive. The ruins of the palace have been reconstructed and it is now open to the public, serving as a national museum.

Puppet Theater – It is located in the Mandalay Hill Hotel. It is a place of entertainment and plays. The Puppet Theater is more of an educational place as it is a place that shows the culture, history, religion and tradition of the country. The theater was founded in 1986 to focus on Myanmar tourism. Since then, many visitors have enjoyed attending the theater plays and shows.

Migun Paya – Another Mandalay must-see is Migun Paya. This is a popular unfinished pagoda that split due to a massive earthquake in 1839. It is still used as a place of worship for local residents and a small shrine was built on the site. The Migun Paya has a wonderful structure, although it is unfinished and damaged by a natural catastrophe. It is still visited by many tourists every year.

U Bein Bridge – For those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful walk outside the city, they can visit the U Bein Bridge located on the Taungthaman Lake, 10 kilometers from Mandalay. It was built in the 19th century by an engineer named U Bein. The place is quiet and inhabited by local residents, mostly farmers from the town. The bridge was originally made of concrete, but was later replaced in some areas with teak wood. It still remains intact and is serving both locals and visitors to the place. It is considered a quiet getaway from the noisy city.

In case you visit Mandalay, don’t forget to see these wonderful places and get a glimpse of the real Myanmar. The city will show you the traditional and historical side of the country with its magnificent beauty and renowned culture.

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