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The Notebook is my favorite romantic movie and a wonderful movie to explain the LAW OF ATTRACTION. It is the story of a young man named Noah, who at the beginning of the film, discovers the love of his life, Allie Hamilton. The moment he sees Allie, she knows this is what he WANTS and he is steadfast and true to this knowledge throughout the movie. He appears on the screen as a relaxed and calm young man, living day by day, in the state of ‘Power Source’.

It is the story of how a man, who from the moment he sees Allie, instantly falls in love with her. His love for her, throughout the movie, never wavers, not once. Even after Allie is forced to leave the city where they met because her parents don’t want her to marry such a low-class man, Noah continues to love her. He writes her 365 letters over a period of a year trying to maintain his connection with her, and then discovers that Allie’s mother takes all the letters and Allie doesn’t see any of them.

Allie thinks that Noah doesn’t want to see or hear from her again, because he doesn’t write to her. She ends up meeting another man, Lon, when he was working as a nurse at a veterans hospital. After a while, Lon asks her to marry him and she agrees.

In one scene, Noah and Allie are in a big, run-down house where they are going to make love for the first time and Noah shares that he wants to build a house one day on this very spot and starts talking about what it is. it will look like and Allie says

“What about me, I have nothing to say in all of this?” and Noah responds “you want to have a say on this” and Allie says “well I want a white house with blue shutters and a big old porch wrapped around the entire porch” and Noah promises at the time that, whatever she WANTS, he will build .

After a year, write one last letter saying “bye” and then stop writing Allie. He goes to war, and on his return his father sold his house and bought the house on the lake for Noah.

At one point, after Noah’s time at war, Noah goes to a town on business and ends up seeing Allie on the street. He follows her and watches her meeting her new fiancé. She breaks down emotionally, returns home, and begins renovating the old house her father bought her, with a fury like never before. It’s like he’s obsessed with the idea of ​​creating this that Allie wanted, believing that she would come back to him.

At all times, one knows that Noah is still deeply in love with Allie, and the fact that Allie is still in love with Noah is referenced multiple times. When Allie sees a picture of Noah in his newly renovated house in the newspaper, she faints and starts thinking about Noah endlessly even though her fiancé Lon is waiting …

Allie decides to take a few days off to visit Noah and see how he is. He is in awe of her visit and his love for her is immediately rekindled.

He has never stopped “WANTING” her and the universe has now summoned the resources to connect the two of them again. This is the Law of Attraction in Action … what one thinks and feels is produced.

They spend time in the house that Noah has renovated, doing exactly what he had agreed to do several years ago, the white house with blue trim and a porch around the entire house and a room for Allie to paint. It is the same house where they first made love in previous years. And they talk and reminisce about the old days and how they really loved each other back then … Noah invites Allie out for a boat ride the next day and as they row it starts to rain heavily. They end up laughing and the old love between them returns burning in their hearts.

At the end of the boat trip, Allie confronts Noah and asks “Why didn’t you write?” And Noah tells her that he wrote 365 letters, one a day for a year, which confuses Allie because she didn’t receive them. It also rekindles her love for him like never before.

They make passionate and crazy love and all the old feelings flow towards both of them. Allie then confronts her mother over the missing letters and her mother gives them all to her. And in a dramatic moment Noah’s key question comes to Allie, he says angrily “Stop thinking about what everyone else wants”, Noah yells “What do you want? What do you want?”

Allie realizes that she has to choose between Noah or Lon …

The universe found a way to reconnect both of you to manifest this love that you have both longed for for so long.

Allie, of course, chooses Noah and the story moves towards the end of their lives when Allie has Alzheimer’s disease and Noah stays in the hospital where Allie is and together they go to the other side of the screen.

In one scene, the commentator has Noah saying, “I am an ordinary man and I have done one thing well, I have loved a woman with all my heart and soul.” As an older man, Noah tells Allie when he feels lost … “Nothing is lost and cannot be lost.”

A beautiful movie of the Law of Attraction in action.

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