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Hearing that you are about to visit the pristine Seychelles, don’t be surprised if you take a deep breath and sigh with envy. This pearly archipelago comprises a group of 115 islands off the mainland of East Africa and is also the least populated country on this vast continent. Obviously, you can’t visit all 115 islands, but you can certainly choose. The best time to visit the country, seasoned tourists will tell you, is March or October.

The people of these islands are generally friendly and hospitable and speak English, French and the local Creole dialect. Getting around the islands is also quite easy, as transportation of all kinds works very well here. A bus is the cheapest option, of course, and so are ferry trips when you want to go from island to island.

As we have specified before, it is difficult to visit all the islands in the space of a single trip. So would you like to start with Mahé which, according to some, happens to be ‘a jewel in the ocean’? Although it happens to be the capital city, most tourists prefer to see it, for some reason, as a transit room. What a waste! Because it is one of the most picturesque places on earth with its gorgeously rolling canals and valleys, not to mention the beaches and coastlines. Some must-sees are Mount Morne Seychellois and the National Park. There are numerous luxury hotels where you can stay. There is, for example, Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove with the best facilities that a luxury hotel can offer. And if you want to splurge a little, you can check into Banyan Tree Seychelles overlooking the beach and surrounded by tropical paradise greenery.

For truly exotic sea beaches, most tourists love to visit Victoria Island. There is also only one theater on the island that shows the latest movies. Those looking to live the life are likely to find a couple of five-star luxury hotels like Labriz Silhouette and Cousine Island very suitable. However, while in Victoria, don’t forget to visit the Botanic Gardens with their deeply exotic flora and fauna.

Another popular tourist destination is the island of Praslin with its fabulous National Park known for its Coco de Mer tree. It is believed that the first people who set foot on this island were convinced that they had seen the Garden of Eden. Praslin Island is also known for its excellent diving spots, rivaling those of the Maldives. As for the coral reefs, you wouldn’t want to touch them as they are pristine and delicate, even though the last El Niño spread such widespread destruction. As you drive through Praslin you will come across some fairly large boulders and rocks that look set up for a steep drop, but are actually quite safe. They also add to the scenic appeal of the island.
Like its relatives, the Praslin also has a plethora of five-star luxury hotels. The best known luxury hotel is the Le Lemuria Resort with a fantastic location, spacious rooms and excellent food.

There is so much more to explore in Seychelles once you start…

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