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First impressions matter, especially in the business world. “Why?” you might ask

Let’s start by talking a little about neuroscience.

In a single glance, a pair of human eyes can absorb so much information very quickly that the human brain quickly concludes whether a certain object is a threat or essential (safe or beneficial) to its well-being.

In a matter of seconds, this subconscious process of evaluating the information received has already greatly influenced a person’s state of mind and, with it, his choices.

This is what psychologists call “heuristics,” and this is what we ordinary people often call “intuitive judgment” or simply “common sense.”

Whether we accept this idea or not, we cannot deny that it is clearly basic human nature for us to rely, albeit unconsciously, heavily on the initial information our brains gather from a single glance.

These pieces are called “anchors”. The truth is that names are the best anchors. You just can’t name a delicious cake like “delicious chocolate cake”. Words matter.

Can we relate this to the way web addresses and brand names are treated? Definitely yes! Before a customer can even think about it, they have already decided whether to visit a website or not.

Can your choice of a name make that much of a difference? Yes! Can the same apply to domain names? More yes!

Consider how crucial your blog domain name is.

How to choose the best New Zealand domain name for your blog

Your NZ brand name is a critical point in your business or endeavor because how your domain name appears in the market affects its reception and with it your chances of success.

Naming is a branding process. To name wisely is to mark wisely. A name is an important tool for marketing. Your blog’s domain name is the “anchor” of your business, as the name itself is the foundation of your digital and online identity.

Think of it this way: a name is something that should help customers decide. “What sounds good is probably good” is honestly what our brain tells us every time. The names will be the first thing that the viewer will evaluate to know if something is interesting, relevant and believable.

Here are 5 simple tips for choosing the best New Zealand domain name for your blog:

The domain name must represent your brand. Remember that you will be using that domain name until the end. It’s a compromise, so consider it carefully. Make sure the domain name is catchy, easy to remember, and doesn’t sound like thousands of other domain names out there. Be unique.

· “Less is more.” If your domain name is longer than necessary, there’s a good chance your New Zealand customers will misspell it multiple times before finding the right page. Keep it short and simple, but not too simple to the point of being boring and uncreative.

· Take advantage of different domain extensions, don’t assume it has to be .COM. Go local with a .NZ domain, or get creative with a gTLD for your industry – there are so many to choose from, from .FLORIST to .PHOTOGRAPHY and everything in between.

Avoid using numbers in your domain name. This could confuse your customers between typing “6” or “six”. So to be safe, avoid using numbers.

· Do your research, in case the domain name you can think of is already in use or copyrighted. Don’t rush, but don’t take too long either, as domain names sell quickly and you could lose your dream domain if it’s too late.

Name your business carefully as you would your own child. Who knows if your domain name will be added as a verb in the dictionary, for example, Google?

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