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With all the talk about the economy and rising gas prices, a decorating diva may be wary of spending her hard-earned cash, but there are ways to please that artsy housewife that makes sense and keeps more pennies in the bank. The following list will help those who are addicted to beautifying their home, but are also interested in saving some much-needed money.

If it is not broke, do not fix it

With the unstable economy and job market, now is not the time for big money projects like building an addition, installing a spa, remodeling the bathroom or renovating the kitchen. As tempting as those magazine pictures of sleek new appliances and luxurious countertops, don’t get too caught up in the hype. Projects that dive deep into the pocket can wait for special offers, deep discounts, or the next president.

If it’s broken, fix it right away

Leaky or dripping fixtures are a constant financial loss. Replace them immediately. The initial cost will be much less expensive than wasted water or damaged cabinets and floors. Home improvement stores often have weekly sales, and kitchen and bathroom fixtures are often featured. If you have to repair damage from leaking accessories, be sure to check those same sales for the necessary supplies.

Online store

Now more than ever, the Internet is the first stop for many shoppers. Websites like offer discounts that make them a better option than traditional physical stores. offers comparison shopping at the click of a mouse, just enter the zip code the item will ship to and compare total prices on any item. This is good practice for any purchase.

decorating in the real world

Home divas and home decorating TV shows often offer valuable tips on low-cost decorating and design, but sometimes those tips don’t fit the real world or real budgets. For example, a collection of brightly colored plates can add color and personality to a bare wall. That’s a simple idea that packs a punch. On the other hand, fresh flowers play a very important role in today’s designs in the form of centerpieces and wreaths. An interesting idea, but who can afford to replace flowers every week for every room? A quality silk arrangement is just as beautiful and much easier on the bank account and can be just as beautiful.

home Sweet Home

Regardless of the economy, your house is your home. It is not only your masterpiece and entertainment venue, but also the place where you live day to day. It is your refuge from the rest of the world. While you might love the look of that plush white rug, if you have kids and pets, you might spend your time cleaning it. A better option might be a darker color or a laminate. Consider your family and your lifestyle. Feel comfortable and make your home uniquely yours.

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