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Eating more fruits and vegetables can provide an adequate amount of vitamins and fiber, which are essential nutrients for the development of the fetus. However, pregnant mothers should not eat without any limitation, because if they eat too much of certain fruits or vegetables, they may bring some hidden danger to the fetus as well as their own health.

First, longan and lychee
Although longan and litchi have the effects of calming the nerves and enriching the blood, and are beneficial for the spleen, yet these two fruits are pungent in nature. If pregnant women eat these fruits, it will not achieve the purpose of tocolysis, at the same time, it may cause blood loss, abdominal pain and other symptoms of threatening abortion.

second, hawthorn
Hawthorn has the effects of promoting blood circulation and contracting the uterus. As a result, if pregnant women eat hawthorn, it will easily cause miscarriage or premature labor.

Third, watermelon
Pregnant women should eat less watermelon, because watermelon is an effective diuretic, which will easily lead to dehydration of pregnant women.

fourth, peach
The peach is a kind of fruit with a warm character. If pregnant women eat too much, it will increase the heat in their body, which will cause fetal irritability and may lead to miscarriage. Also, for those who suffer from constipation during pregnancy, eating peaches in excess will greatly aggravate constipation symptoms.

fifth, almond
The almond contains some toxic substances such as hydrocyanic acid. After eating almonds, the hydrocyanic acid that will enter the fetus’s body through the placenta will further affect the healthy development of the fetus.

sixth, potato
Potatoes, especially those that have been preserved for a long time, contain a large amount of alkaloids, which will affect the normal development of the fetus after eating and cause slow growth of the fetus.

seventh eggplant
Brinjal is cold in nature, which can easily harm the body of people with weak physical condition, especially pregnant women.

eighth, purslane
Purslane can be used as a medicine and can be made as a dish. But it is cold in nature. The relative experiment proved that purslane can excite the uterus, promote the contraction of the uterus and increase its intensity, which will easily lead to abortion.

In a word, all kinds of fruits and vegetables have their advantages and disadvantages. As a result, we should try not to eat or eat fewer fruits and vegetables that are bad for our health.

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