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Headphone Covers

Maintaining a clean office, workplace or any establishment that offers headphones or headsets to employees, customers or patrons is made easy with HygenX disposable covers. These hypoallergenic headphone and headset covers eliminate the spread of germs when shared. These personal disposable ear cushion covers stretch over HamltonBuhl on-ear headphones and headsets without distorting sound quality or comfort. They are available in blue, black, white and the biodegradable NatureWeave material.

A headset or headphone covers creates a small barrier between each user and the ear pads, which can help reduce dust, lint, earwax, and other debris. This helps prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and germs, which can lead to ear infections and other health problems. While cleaning headphones, it’s important to make sure that the ear cushions are completely dry before reuse. Using a cloth with water and soap is recommended, but for hard-to-reach places on the headband, you can also use rubbing alcohol. However, be careful not to apply the rubbing alcohol directly to any plastic or rubber components on the headphone, as it can cause damage.

In addition to reducing the accumulation of dirt and debris, a headphone cover can also be used to reduce sweat. This can improve the lifespan of a pair of headphones, and it will also reduce the risk of internal damage to the leatherette earpads due to continuous rubbing from regular use. Aside from hearing, your ears are one of the most delicate parts of the body. You must be careful with them and use only a small amount of effort to clean them. If you do not, you may risk the health of your ear canal and your hearing ability. Using cotton swabs or even ear candles are dangerous to the ear canal, as they can irritate and potentially damage it.

Create a Sanitary Barrier With Headphone Covers

Headphone covers create a small barrier for ear pads, protecting them from sweat and dirt. They also protect from the continuous rubbing of a headset worn by multiple users. This makes them ideal for schools, libraries, hospitals and other institutions that have headphones shared by many people. These disposable covers are easy to use and fit snugly over on-ear headphones. They come in a convenient tissue-box style dispenser and can be used in schools, offices, libraries, hospitals, call centers or any other environment where headphones are regularly shared.

Disposable headphone covers help maintain hygiene in shared environments, including schools, businesses, libraries, call centers and computer labs. They fit snugly around headphones or headset earpads and keep hair, skin cells, germs, lice and bacteria from touching the earphone surface. When used in conjunction with sanitizing wipes, these disposable headphone covers provide a worry-free way to share headphones and reduce the risk of infection or disease.

To clean earbuds, disconnect them from any devices, remove the eartips and gently brush away visible debris with a dry soft-bristled brush or toothbrush (or a specialized tool). Next, use a microfiber cloth or lint-free cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol to wipe down the outer rubber surfaces of each earbud and the case.

Many schools, colleges, universities and call centers have headphones that are often shared by multiple students and patrons. These individuals may not realize that their skin and hair coming into contact with surfaces of headphones or headsets that have been worn by other users can spread germs, bacteria, contagions and viruses from one person to another. Disposable headphone covers help to minimize these risks by preventing direct skin contact with the surface of a headset or headphones. These covers are also easy to clean and can be disinfected with rubbing alcohol or similar wipes.

As Covid-19 has become a prevalent pandemic, many schools and other institutions that provide headphones to students, staff, and patrons have started to utilize disposable headset covers for each individual who uses the device. While it is not yet known if the virus can be transferred through ears, taking precautions helps to limit exposure and reduce risk. These covers are also useful in museums, listening centers and other public areas where a number of people are using the same devices.

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