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Whether you are a new or existing cleaning service provider, you can benefit greatly from service brochures to help boost your advertising campaign. You’ll especially find them an inexpensive alternative to other useful conventional advertising alternatives if you own a small business or are self-employed. Not all of us have the business budget of a restaurant chain, but with brochure printing you can get a highly effective marketing method at a reasonable and affordable price.

Here’s how brochure printing can help you create healthy business growth without breaking your budget.

Using an Effective Design.

Before you take your finished design to the printer, make sure it meets their guidelines and regulations. Make sure you are familiar with your print specifications, such as bleed measurements and resolution. Every printing company is different, be sure to ask if you’re not sure. You should also make sure to embed and expand all external images and all types of text in your design. This will prevent missing images and different fonts from printing.

Saving some money.

Save money on your brochure printing job by ordering in bulk to take advantage of volume discount offers. Be sure to order well in advance to reduce expedited delivery costs, and choose the lowest delivery postage option. Don’t compromise on the quality of your brochure to save money, there are plenty of other ways you can save money without sacrificing things like color printing and professional design.


Distribute your cleanup flyers by any means possible to get as much exposure as possible in your area. Leave your brochures in places where people can read them, like cafes and bars. Use direct mail as well as newspaper and magazine inserts. Ask local businesses that also target your customer group for other services if you can leave their flyers with them. Visit the offices and leave flyers at the reception desks and with the manager in case they are interested in your cleaning services. Lastly, don’t forget to include small businesses, many of these businesses need help cleaning their stores and can provide you with regular and stable business.

Find new clients.

Your distribution methods have brought your business closer to the customer instead of waiting for them to find you. If your distribution plan was expansive and comprehensive, you will quickly find new potential customers that you may not have been exposed to before. Because your brochure design is professional and effective, you’ll also find that your conversion rate for turning leads into customers increases as well. That means a lot more new customers will walk through your door.

Get more phone calls.

Because you’re getting so many more new clients, it stands to reason that you’ll get more calls requesting your services from referrals and interested parties. You’ll also notice that your regular customer base will expand and more people will call to check prices and inquire about services or talk about what you have to offer. Create a cleaning service flyer that will take your business to the next level, it’s profitable, relatively easy to complete, and the rewards are great.

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