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Blue Nile Diamonds

In this Blue Nile review, we will cover the business model and the overall customer experience. Mark C. Vandon, a successful entrepreneur and former trader in online jewelry, saw a gap in the market for diamonds and other precious stones. With the help of his business partner, Doug Williams, he set out to fill that void.

The business model of Blue Nile Diamonds is based on transparency and fair pricing. The company sources diamonds from wholesalers across the world and prices them extremely competitively. However, this approach can be a disadvantage for smaller retailers. It can make it difficult to compete against Blue Nile.

While Blue Nile offers GIA grading reports, it doesn’t have pictures of its diamonds online. This makes it difficult to compare diamonds, and buying a diamond blindly can lead to a lot of trouble. Even if you buy a diamond at Blue Nile, you have to make sure that the stone you are buying is as similar to the one you saw on an actual store.

GIA certification ensures that Blue Nile website review are conflict-free. Additionally, their diamonds have undergone rigorous examinations by certified gemologists before setting. In addition, the company sources only conflict-free diamonds and adheres to the Kimberley Process, which tracks diamonds from mine to market. However, Brilliant Earth goes beyond the Kimberley Process to guarantee authenticity of diamonds.

Blue Nile is a top choice for budget-conscious diamond shoppers. They have an amazing selection of loose diamonds and have awesome customer service. And the most important aspect is that their prices are very competitive. Their website also offers an impressive variety of classic rings setting styles. Furthermore, you will be able to see diamonds in 360 degree videos, which can help you make a better decision.

Blue Nile Diamonds – Are They to Be Recommended?

Besides diamonds and engagement rings, Blue Nile also offers pearl jewelry and other jewelry crafted from diamonds. Their website even gives you the option to customize your own jewelry by choosing different gemstones. Additionally, the company offers custom jewelry, including a variety of diamond jewelry and designs by top designers. If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, Blue Nile is the right place to visit.

Blue Nile has been in business since 1999 and is the largest diamond retailer online. Its vast selection allows customers to search by carat weight, clarity, color, and more. Its diamonds are certified and come from a legitimate source. Additionally, salespeople don’t work on commission, so you can expect honest service without pressure.

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