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There are a wide variety of women’s mountain bikes to choose from when looking for one. All these bikes are specially designed for both beginners and professional women.

Mountain bike models

The models are specifically designed for the type of mountain biking that is practiced, including cross-country, downhill, four-cross, all mountain, etc. The most popular manufacturers of women’s mountain bikes include Trek, Titus Cycles, and Gary Fisher Bikes. All of these companies also issue recommendations on the type of model that suits your intended use.

Choosing the best women’s mountain bike can be quite tricky. Each of these manufacturers can offer up to five models to choose from. While there are more models available on men’s bikes, women’s options are catching up now. It won’t take long for the women’s market to catch up if its popularity continues to rise.

Some of the best models are discussed below.

Classic SyCip

They are well designed for women, with a focus on comfort. For the casual ride, whether around town or on dusty trails, a mountain bike like the SyCip Women’s Classic is more comfortable. It is affordably priced and has aerodynamic top and down tubes that make the bike light and manageable. Thus, it gives better handling on those bumpy terrains.

specialized safire

The Specialized Safire is an ideal bike for any woman who wants the perfect companion for those downhill trails. It provides it all: style, color, ruggedness, and most importantly, a smooth ride. It can also be adjusted to make pedaling and shock absorption very efficient.

scott contessa

For any serious female cyclist, the Contessa is something to consider. These bikes are rigid and have front suspension only. The Contessa 20 and Contessa 30 are especially perfect for mountain and trail biking. Both feature built-in head tubes that make the bikes lightweight without compromising strength. However, the Contessa 20 is of higher quality than the 30 and has an upgraded braking system that matches Shimano’s hydraulic disc. These two bikes have very attractive colors and fine feminine touches that you can be sure will leave a great impression on people when you pass them by.

There are a wide variety of models on the market that are just as good. Therefore, when choosing, exercise caution and select the best product for yourself.

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