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Samsung is one of the most popular and respected LCD TV manufacturers in the world. No wonder they are one of the best-selling TVs on the market. They have achieved this level of success by producing high-performance televisions at a reasonable price.

So what do we have to expect in the new models? Samsung has taken a good LCD TV in its LNT models and made some improvements for this model year.

Samsung LCD TVs range from Series 3 which corresponds to the earlier xx42 models, Series 4 which corresponds to the xx53 models, Series 5 which corresponds to the xx61 models, and Series 6 which corresponds to the xx71 models. They will also add Series 7 models.

Series 3 and 4 models are 720p models and are available in models up to 40 inches. These TVs are designed with many of the same components as the higher-end models, so you’re still getting a good TV, even though it’s more of an entry-level model. LCD screens allow for easy connectivity through side ports with hotkeys on the remote to allow easy access.

Series 5 models open the door to 1080p for a full HD experience. They start with 37-inch models and go all the way up to 52-inches, making them a great starting point for setting up your home theater system.

The Series 6 models add some significant performance improvements and are 120HZ models. Plus, these Samsung LCD TVs include ethernet connections for RSS feeds of weather, stock prices, news, and sports scores. Also new to this model is a splash of color that adds an amber tint to the bezel for a sleeker design.

Newer Samsung LCD TVs have improved performance by increasing contrast ratio and improving response rate from last year’s model. They’ve also made some improvements to Auto Motion Plus technology for their 120Hz TVs. Of course, all TVs are HDMI compatible and have multiple inputs for the many technologies that have started using HDMI.

It will be interesting to see what new developments emerge in the coming years. This is a great time for consumers entering the flat panel HD universe or those looking to upgrade to their existing setup, as LCD screens continue to offer a bigger, better picture along with lower prices. From the point of view of things, Samsung will continue to lead the LCD TV market for years to come.

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