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Granite countertops are an absolute hit in your kitchen. They are durable, beautiful and easy to maintain. They come in various colors and patterns. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look, granite countertops add great elegance to your kitchen. Bordeaux Dream has a bright cream hue and a brown hue that pairs well with light or dark colored cabinetry. Black Galaxy Granite comes with a brilliant design. and it looks amazing in light colored kitchens.

So, if you want to update your kitchen from an old-fashioned look to a modern one, you need to choose a perfect granite countertop based on your taste. Take a look at these granite kitchen countertops and their stunning colors.

black galaxy

As mentioned above, they are dark and go well with white or light-colored backgrounds. They are mined in the Indian subcontinent. They have some unique white and gold flecks on their surface that add uniqueness to your kitchen. Black Galaxy also fits well in traditional environments.


Do you love those amazing fall colors? Do you want to see them all year round? Mascarello granite is the perfect choice for homeowners like you. These granites are dramatic and are made up of oxides, blacks, and gold tones. They are the perfect choice for cherry, maple and oak cabinets. They’re even good with wood cabinets too. They go well with stainless steel sinks, copper range hoods and faucets.

delicate juparana

Juparana Delicatus are absolutely beautiful due to their unique combinations of dark brown and black flecks on an off-white background. They make your dashboards and countertops look different. They also do well with light colored hardwood floors. With iron lighting fixtures and modern glass globes, Juparana Delicatus generates great excitement to sample your culinary adventures.

Granite Burgundy Dream

Bordeaux Dream Granite comes in a champagne with beautiful slate and reddish veining. They are mined in Brazil. They pair well with white or cream cabinetry to create a timeless, traditional feel. They are not just limited to bright colors. They can also play well with black and brown cabinets.

Caravelas Gold

Caravelas Gold Granite is an excellent combination of soft creams, browns and grays that form spiral veining throughout the surface. They are stylish and work well with pewter and gray cabinets. Its patterns definitely add a wow factor to your kitchen.

These granites are just a few selections. You can find many outstanding granite colors in the catalogue.

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