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This article on how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days is intended for those who are looking for desperate measures. You never know when you really have to attempt such a task. But knowing how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days can’t hurt and can be a lifesaver when you have to attend an important event on short notice. As difficult as it sounds, losing 10 pounds in 3 days is entirely possible if you follow the steps I’ve outlined below.

Step one

‘Burnt baby! Burn!’, that’s the motto of this 3-day weight loss program. The goal is to increase your metabolic rate by doing cardio exercises so that you can burn more carbohydrates and fats in your body. Start doing your cardiovascular exercise before you eat breakfast. Run, swim or jog, the more intense the better!

Second step

You also need to watch your food intake during these critical 72 hours. In short, you’re actually opting for a mostly liquid diet to shed that unwanted weight. Yes, I know you will definitely start to feel hunger pangs along the way, but no one said it was going to be easy. Therefore, for the next 3 days, you will consume a special lemonade called ‘Master Cleanse’ lemonade. You can get the recipe for this concoction by searching it on Google or Yahoo search engine. By the way, an added benefit of drinking this ‘Master Cleanse’ lemonade is that you can also cleanse your body of toxins. How is it to kill two birds with one stone!

Step three

By switching from a solid food diet to a liquid diet, you will definitely feel drained at the end of the day. Therefore, to conserve your strength, you need to make sure you get a full 7-8 hours of sleep. This also helps the body get rid of sugar and carbohydrates as the body repairs itself on a cellular level.


Just follow the steps mentioned above and within 72 hours, you will lose 10 pounds easily. Although I have shown you how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, this is not recommended for the long term. If you continue doing the above steps for an extended period of time, you will not only jeopardize your health, but you will end up looking like you just got released from a Siberian labor camp.

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