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optimize office spaces, floor plans and office equipment. More often than not, employees will choose to use their preferred office space when they come into the office, denying others the opportunity to work in that most sought-after office space as well. Organizations can prevent this from happening by using office scheduling software.

What is Office scheduling software?

Office scheduling software is an office management tool that allows employees to reserve office desks, workstations, meeting rooms, conference rooms, parking spaces, and office equipment. Organizations large and small are transitioning to reserved desks and open spaces to accommodate the growing need for team collaborations, spark individual creativity, and increase overall employee productivity. Through the use of reservation software, employees can have the ability to move freely around the office and choose the spaces in which they can work best for their tasks at that given time.

Advantages of using Office scheduling software

Many software developers offer the promise of total office management software. DeskFlex reservation software provides the latest software features that meet the challenges of modern office dynamics. Using DeskFlex desktop hotel and meeting room booking software can provide both company managers and employees with the following advantages or benefits of using online booking software:

  • Site administrators can create access levels so that only specific groups of employees can make reservations in main office spaces, such as conference rooms or meeting rooms.
  • Employees can schedule their day at the office in advance or the moment they arrive at the check-in lobby kiosks.
  • Employees and managers alike can monitor the real-time availability of desks, cubicles, office spaces, parking spaces, and equipment with DeskFlex’s interactive 3D floor plan map guidance.
  • Create and invite team members to meetings, events, and conferences using Outlook, Office 365, and MS Exchange integrations.
  • Users can include room or desk equipment needed for tasks when making workstation and meeting room reservations.
  • Users will receive email and text notifications of their reservations, ticket changes, and reminders prior to their check-in time.
  • DeskFlex room booking software automates desk booking and syncs with your hardware devices, such as lobby kiosks, room workstations and displays, and the FlexCube.
  • The latest DeskFlex upgraded features include COVID-compliant features such as automatic desktop sanitization, contact tracing tool, social distancing policies, thermal scanner, mask detection, dynamic scheduling, and visitor management .
  • Much more

DeskFlex desk reservation software simplifies office management and provides reporting and analysis so business managers and business owners can make the right decisions when it comes to maximizing their office resources and assets.

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