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Whatever the shape, color or style, the island is the focal point of today’s kitchen.

The kitchen island is so many things to so many people. A kitchen island is more than an additional workspace, much more. Breakfast or snack bar, cleaning center, kitchen station, food preparation center, beverage center, baking center; You name it, the kitchen island can handle it. They improve efficiency in the kitchen and, when entertaining, can do double duty as a buffet table or even a wet bar. Sometimes the island serves as a very useful room divider in an open kitchen / family space. All but the smallest kitchens can be equipped with a kitchen island. Small kitchens can improve efficiency with a small mobile island on wheels. You can add workspace near the sink to prepare food prep and then simply move it to the stove or stove for cooking. However, keep in mind that if the island is too small, it may rarely be used. The islands can be used with most kitchen shapes, especially L-shaped or U-shaped.

If wide enough, an island can greatly enhance the function of a galley kitchen (two facing walls). They can also work well in square kitchens. Islands can make or break the traffic pattern in a kitchen. They can shorten the distance between workstations, but if not planned well, they can also increase the distance between workstations. Often times, if the kitchen is large enough, two islands can work better than just one large one. Two islands can improve traffic flow and provide additional workspace right where it is needed. In the beginning, the islands used to be square or rectangular. But today we see islands in many shapes, such as T-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped, even Z-shaped, as well as oval, round, and octagon shapes. Islands can be as beautiful as fine furniture with turned legs and / or feet, carvings, moldings, corbels, brackets, and elegantly curved countertops with elegant edges. They can contain a lighted display space for a prized china, crystal or teapot collection, or shelves for cookbooks, perhaps with a bead board backing.

Since appliances like refrigeration, ovens, dishwashers, warming drawers, and even microwaves can be stored in drawers, behind doors, or on wood paneling to match your cabinets, we never have to give up on beauty. by function. Many islands have more than one function and can have more than one counter surface. Maybe butcher block in an area for food prep, and solid surface or granite for the kitchen or dining area for easy cleanup. Many people who like to bake have a piece of marble on the island countertop to roll out cookie dough or cake batters. The island should always be combined with the style of the kitchen. A very contemporary island in a country-style kitchen is out of place. However, the color or finishes do not have to be the same. Painted islands with wood finish cabinets (or vice versa) in the rest of the kitchen is a very popular look and adds interest.

Pots and pans can be stored in a deep drawer under the island stove or if your cookware is too pretty to hide, hang them over the island on a pot rack. These hangers are very attractive and are available in many styles. Some have built-in island lighting. Who says islands can’t have cupboards upstairs? Two-way cabinets, possibly with glass doors and a plate rack between them, keep breakfast plates, glasses, and mugs close at hand. A built-in microwave, drawers in the refrigerator for juices, milk and fruits, cabinets underneath for cereal, toaster and other breakfast essentials, and stools that feed them and take them to and from school and work. 1st Choice Cabinets has been serving the Salt Lake Valley for over 10 years with beautiful, high-quality, well-built cabinets.

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