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Do you enjoy walking, biking, golfing, sightseeing?

I also! This is why travel bags are my pick for the best travel bag options.

When it comes to vacations, I’ve had a lot of adventures! I’ve been all over the world, owned and operated a restaurant in a foreign country, and spent many days traveling Australia, Thailand, Rome, Canada, India, and the United States (to name a few) with friends. So when it comes to necessary luggage, I’ve had a variety over the years!

Travel bags not only come in a multitude of options and options for style and hobby, but they also have some really great and durable fabrics that help make packing a lot easier. Gone are the days when I was limited to my rigid luggage that had to be carried by hand from place to place and was too large to be considered a carry-on bag except for airport staff.

I have to laugh when I remember going sightseeing and using my shaving kit as a travel bag. I wasn’t going to carry one of the floral-patterned cloth bags that were available with long handles, like the beach bags, which were a bit too “feminine” for my liking at the time and the backpacks were too cumbersome and heavy.

These travel bag options are a relatively new invention to me. I bought a really good leather travel bag a while ago and have used it well for several years. I also have a foldable shoulder bag that I can carry in my main, empty bag and use it to bring memories to family and friends. It has many pockets, packs well and takes up hardly any space. And it gives me an easy-to-carry option to bring special things home. I’m at less risk of breakage with this travel bag method.

As I traveled across the country, I learned that these tips for packing travel bags are best kept in mind:

– Plan your currency and get traveler’s checks. Keep a list of traveler’s check numbers at home with a relative or friend so that if something goes terribly wrong and your checks are lost or stolen and you also lose your purse with those numbers, have a backup or plug in the numbers. . on your cell phone for a quick, easy, and practical reference guide.

– Have a copy of your credit cards, front and back, so you have the phone number and the numbers on the back of the card you need to stop charges immediately if yours is lost or stolen.

– Always travel with some currency from the country you are in, so if you are in a more remote location that cannot accept traveler’s checks or credit cards, don’t get stuck somewhere without cash. Never assume that you won’t need cash on hand.

– Carry a combination lock with you instead of a keyed lock. Keys are lost and you may need a lock for a bag or locker in a foreign location. I learned this the hard way when I had to put my bag down for a while and went back and found the bag intact, but the contents disappeared. Imagine how much fun the rest of my vacation was at that time!

– Copy your most important paperwork and keep copies with a friend or family member, also with a credit card (front and back), so you have phone numbers handy to report loss or theft of credit card information credit. Passport, driver’s license, medical card or medical information, and any other relevant and important paperwork you may need in an emergency.

– Keep a needle and thread, a small lint brush (small travel size), and an aspirin in your emergency bag. These three simple items will come in handy more often than you can imagine!

– Plan your trip around something related to business so that you can deduct that part of your taxes.

– Plan to pack your travel bag ahead of time so you can do what people are supposed to do on vacation – Have fun!

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember and I remember more than I have seen.”

Author -Benjamin Disraeli

Good trip friends! Have a good trip and enjoy!

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