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Maybe you just broke up with your girlfriend but have no intention of leaving the relationship. You still love her and you believe that both of you are meant to be together, so what are the steps you can take to win your girlfriend back?

Well, there are several things that are quite important and it will be very helpful if you know about them. First, most guys made certain mistakes when trying to get their girlfriend back. You certainly don’t want to make the same mistakes they did.

So what are those common mistakes?

1) Calling the bride over and over again, several times a day.

Sometimes even worse, several times an hour. This usually happens when your girlfriend doesn’t answer the phone when you called her. Then, she starts to panic and tries even harder, calling her over and over, hoping she’ll pick up the phone and talk to you.

You should not do that because it is a sign of despair. Desperation will only drive your girlfriend away. Be careful not to make this mistake.

2) Discuss or talk about the breakup.

Your ex-girlfriend agreed to see you again. When you just met her, you want to go easy. You don’t want to rush her, even if you really want to win her back. So, avoid talking about her breakup during your first meeting with her. Avoid talking about getting back together. This should only be done at least a few meetings later.

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