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When I think of a genuinely benevolent world view, I think of pure reality and honesty. I’ll take the rest of this article to explain this position of thought: life, to work, must first be approached realistically and once we establish this reality, we all, in order to be genuinely successful, must be completely and genuinely honest about it. no matter what, for successful survival. It doesn’t take a lot of effort ultimately, but it does take honesty. From animals to humans and whatever (God, Civilization or entity) we all need to act honestly, succinctly and realistically in order to survive, thrive, work and any productive action. Vigilance is the only option, laziness is not. From the unconscious to the conscious, no matter what, survival is work, honest work, hard or easy, but it is work. But, as you go deeper, it gets easier, not harder.

Because with all things, competition develops, and as that competition develops, it actually requires “less” effort rather than “more,” as explained in this quote and chart to be inserted in this article, This is from Kevin Trudeau’s books:

1. Unconscious incompetence: This is the stage where you don’t know you don’t know.

2. Conscious Incompetence: This is the stage where you know you don’t know.

3. Conscious competence: This is when you know that you know, but you have to consciously think about it.

4. Unconscious Competition: This is when it’s second nature; that is when the information is part of you; this is when you know it as easily as your own name; this is when it is fully internalized and just automatic.

Because as with all things, competence develops and requires less effort as you (or I) get used to being “unconsciously competent”. First it becomes fully conscious and then it all becomes a “second nature” habit or “conditioned response” to use a “clinical” term. But, all things, when first done consciously, are to be done and then become easy. In fact, “old-fashioned” repetition since time immemorial is the key to the realm of genuine experience. So reality and honesty are not easy at first, but with repetition and perseverance they become successful “second nature.” ‘Beginner’s luck’ is a complete illusion and purely what you describe in the rare cases where it happens because you can’t duplicate it profusely or in multiple instances unless you have enough experience doing something many times.

So through experience, things become easy, benevolent, and not hard to do, as long as you have that experience. Reality works that way, as long as you do it “the hard way” by honestly developing “old fashioned” experience, meaning desire, practice, repetition, and yes, love for what you’re doing. . So I can honestly end up with experience in life or anything else that plays out and doesn’t happen in any way or in any sense. Each person always has to think as an individual with her mind and act with her own being, (as I do). That is the real world according to honesty and reality.

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