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St. Patrick’s Day is a great day for children’s crafts. It’s a wonderful day to get out the paint, glue sticks, and craft supplies to create something to celebrate the holiday. The following are three great craft ideas for kids.

Blarney Stone:

A blarney stone comes from old Irish folklore. In the south west of Ireland, there is a very famous stone called the Blarney Stone. If you kiss the stone, it is said that you have the gift of eloquence. It’s a big part of Irish tradition.

So, make your own Blarney stones at home as part of your St. Patrick’s Day crafts. To do this you need river stones, green paint, googly eyes and a black marker.

Start by painting the rocks green. You’ll have to wait a while for them to dry, so it’s best to do this ahead of time and have an adult do it. Then, once the rock is painted, let your kids use the googly eyes, paint pen, etc. to put a face on your own Blarney Stone.

You can use glitter, fabric, feathers, etc. to add a mouth, hair and other accessories. Just don’t forget to give him a kiss so you can be eloquent.

Heart Clovers:

Shamrocks are a big deal in Irish culture as they are a symbol of luck. Any craft you make with shamrocks is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. A fun one for kids is to make a heart clover.

You need green construction paper, yellow construction paper, black crayons or markers, glue, scissors.

To make a heart clover, use the green construction paper and cut out three hearts. Arrange them in a clover shape and cut a stem. Use glue to attach them to the yellow construction paper. Then, using the black crayons or markers, write your lucky congratulations, such as “may luck be with you” and then use it as a gift, card, etc.

Leprechaun Luck:

Leprechauns are mythical in Ireland and are a huge part of the St. Patrick’s Day tradition. There are all kinds of traditions surrounding elves. So a fun craft is to create a necklace using this tradition.

To do this print the following poem:

I keep three wishes close at hand,
In case you get the chance to find me
Any day a Leprechaun
Coming down the street.

Then create a clover and write a wish on each leaf of the clover. Make a hole at the top. Paste the poem on the side without the wishes and thread it through to create a wish necklace. This can be used during the day, to provide you with your green so you don’t get pinched, and it’s a fun way to hold on to some Irish tradition.

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