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All current linguistic research points to immersion as the best way to learn a new language. For this reason, if you really want to be able to speak and use Spanish, then you need to know the best Spanish immersion programs.

There are hundreds of reasons to want to learn Spanish. The cheap travel opportunities, the social opportunities. Perhaps most importantly, the job market is much larger for those who speak Spanish well.

But most people give up when they try to learn Spanish, simply because they go through the wrong language learning process.

Think back to high school for a minute. How many years did you study a second language in high school? Two? Three? And your friends?

Could you speak that language fluently after studying it? Could your friends?

Can you speak some of that language now?

And you spent TWO OR MORE YEARS studying that language!?

This is proof that learning “traditional” Spanish doesn’t work.

The best Spanish immersion programs

The best Spanish immersion programs are just that: software programs that you use on your computer.

There are actually several immersion programs to choose from, but I think I’ve found some of the best.

The best programs are those that also have audio lessons that you can listen to in your car. The reason is simple.

For immersion to work at its best, you need to be surrounded by the language as much as possible. Doing it for an hour or two at night at home is a good start, but if you can use the 10-12 hours you drive a week, then you are going to fly through your Spanish learning process!

Spanish immersion programs for your computer and your car should be able to help you get comfortable with the language in a couple of weeks. Once you’re comfortable, you can move on to more advanced dipping techniques, most of which are free.

The bottom line

If you really want to excel in learning Spanish, you need Spanish immersion programs that also include audio lessons that you can use in your car. Once you’ve completed the basic lessons, you can move on to more advanced free immersion techniques to really master the language quickly.

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