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Even though the city is getting bigger and building its nightlife more for tourists, New York is still bursting with nightlife for locals and travelers. NYC is known as the HUB of the Jazz world, as all the greats became famous here and those who arrive know that this is the place to do it. New York also has some of the most exclusive and fashionable dance clubs in the world. There are many lounges, so there are many places in New York for you to find a nice and comfortable place to sit, drink, and listen to music. NYC caters to people of all ages, hosts the widest range of great concerts by world-renowned musicians, and is world famous for the comedy clubs that the world’s most famous comedians call home.

We went on a Friday night looking for a nightclub with a nice atmosphere and someone recommended Ace of Clubs Nightclub so we took a taxi and $ 40 later we got to Ace of Clubs. When we walked in the door, things didn’t seem like our style. It was a bit noisy and the drinks were a bit expensive. So we went back to our hotel in search of something better.

On the way to the hotel we asked the woman at the counter to recommend a nightclub to us and she told us to check ploose which I guess is a new nightlife directory which was very easy. We wrote in New York City, we chose nightclub and it showed a lot on the map. So we chose the closest one that said it had special drinks, as we had already spent so much on taxis, we got off and went over to him. When we got there it was EXACTLY as shown on that ploose site (we had seen a couple of video tours so we knew what to expect). We went in and got a table and bought a bottle of Gray Goose and had a great time. It was called “The Pink Elephant” (name of the disco). We had a great time and went back to our hotel to pass out.

We spent the next day doing touristy stuff, checking 5th avenue, walking around Manhattan, stopping at a random couple of restaurants for lunch, and when night came we were exhausted. We decided we needed something a little more low-key so we checked ploose again and found a small lounge nearby and decided to check it out. It was called the Sapphire Lounge. It had a really classic decor, like a party in the living room. The red curtains were great! There was a modern DJ playing house music and the prices were very reasonable. We highly recommend it.

Sunday came and we wanted to watch the soccer game so we chose a nearby sports bar. We found Proof NYC and let me tell you I was REALLY glad I went there. I had a HUGE TV and I talk about 8 feet long, this TV was no joke. The bar had wooden floors and scarlet walls. They had great beer specials that day too, so we got lucky. We order some food and have our drinks enjoying the last day in New York City.

Before leaving the city for good, we had time to stop by a jazz bar called “Blue Note”. It was one of the best jazz bars I’ve been to in the world and for any jazz fan I highly recommend it. It was at half capacity or more, but it wasn’t too crowded, it was beautifully decorated, and the featured musicians blew us away.

In short, New York City has a VERY wide selection of entertainment options to offer. Next time we go, we will review the Opera and Broadway and give you our recommendations there.

Work hard, party harder, and get home safe and sound.

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