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Once a year a day is reserved for mom. But mom could be grandma, aunt, stepmom, sister, or anyone who was there in your growing up years and had an impact on who you are today.
Stores and businesses are filled with ideas for gifts, food, cards and “goodies” to celebrate this special day. However, having been a mother, grandmother, aunt, etc. and all of the above, the gifts and the years have come and gone. Some gifts are very, very special and others you remember and appreciate. The gifts that are truly part of your heart are those that brought back memories, visions of the past and the beautiful years you shared, as well as the “details” that you thought no one would ever remember.
Let me just say that I have saved every gift, card, and photo from my special day with my very special people. They are all etched in my heart forever and with the special needs of today and the world, today’s Mother’s Day gifts are uniquely different.
This year the “details” are more important than ever. They are not only emotional, but vital for those who give and those who receive. The year 2021 is a calendar year that pulls the most important things in life, treasures that no one can buy or keep. They are open, sincere and more important than you imagined in the past.
This year, the Mother’s Day gifts that really count and are so vital don’t cost money. They only cost time, emotions, feelings, love and more love. This year, when this special day arrives, any gesture is more accepted with feelings that have been dormant for some time, because everyone was so busy, so involved and yes, striving to do everything for everyone.
This Mother’s Day, give “you and me”. Point out a special day, event, meal, season, holiday, personal time together, or just “a moment” that was so special it should have a star named after it. That shining star moment or event can be written in stone with a picture, a color (flowers, dress, place or time). An old saying of “it’s in the details” is what this year’s Mother’s Day is all about.
Many have lost loved ones due to illness, many have not been with us for a while, and yet this is their day, their special time to be touched, hugged and treasured. It’s very simple: match an object with a thought, and yet that small gesture will be a fabulous memory for the receiver, but it will give the “giver” something to keep in their hearts forever.
This special gift could be the color of a worn dress, a bouquet of flowers you were given, a face you have forgotten over time, a place that no longer exists, or a meal you know you can’t replicate. because it just won’t taste the same. In the place of what is missing, bring the details. Write them down, imagine them, imitate them or bring them back anywhere you have the gift. Imagination and effort will always prevail over excellence and mass production. Put the items in a box, put them on paper, or even create an item that will always be remembered as that special moment together. Grandma’s apron, the dress mom always wore so well, the spice that made your mouth water at parties, the moment in history that can never be recaptured but so beautifully remembered in the heart.
This year, give up the mall, the restaurant, or the tickets to a show, and replace them with “you and me.” In our minds, time is now more precious than ever, the person who is still close is a true part of your heart, and those who are no longer with you will feel your love, your pain and your need to remember, share and never forget.
Mother’s Day 2021 – keep it simple, just you, and that will be the blessing we can all share.

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