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The most endearing Mother’s Day gifts are those with a personal and sentimental touch. Here are 22 unusual and inexpensive ways to celebrate Mom on her special day:

Achievement charm bracelet. Did you win the bowling championship or did you graduate from an art class? Look for specific charms of your accomplishments over the past year. Consider a traditional charm bracelet (with dangling charms) or an Italian-style bracelet, in which the charms come together.

Sentimental jewelry. Here are more ideas for creating a connection to jewelry: Give her a locket with tiny photos of each of you or a mother’s ring or necklace with the birthstones of each of her children or grandchildren.

Flowers. At this time of year, flower delivery services create beautiful arrangements for moms. Select a bouquet in a beautiful food-safe pitcher or bowl that you can use over and over again.

Classic movies. Give you a set of your nostalgic classic movies digitally remastered on DVD. Place them in a pretty china bowl with some popcorn and a box of her favorite candy. Add a luxurious blanket so you can snuggle under the covers and watch the show.

Chocolate and books. Give him some hard covers of his favorite author and some quality chocolate.

Comedy show. Take her out to dinner and a local comedy show.

Donations Make a donation on their behalf to your favorite charitable cause.

Spa gift certificates. Choose the spa treatment for her or let her choose her own indulgence. Better yet, go with her and enjoy some pampering with her.

Hot air balloon ride. Go on an exciting adventure with her in the air and get a panoramic view of your city or town.

A boat trip with lobster dinner. If you live near the ocean or the great lakes, check out the areas near you that offer scenic evening excursions with fresh seafood dishes.

Housekeeping. Give her a break from cleaning the house and hire a professional cleaning service for a day, a week, or a month.

Monogrammed leather passport case. With the new passport travel requirements, this is a gift that is sure to come in handy.

Oil change and tune-up. Surprise her with a complete gift certificate for vehicle maintenance. If possible, find a location that also spins the tires. Include wash and wax for an added bonus.

Monthly gift clubs. Let Mom know that you are thinking of her throughout the year with a thoughtful monthly gift club. Typically, you can subscribe for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, and a new gift is sent at the same time each month. There are monthly gift clubs for scrapbookers, gardeners, chocoholics, you name it.

Garden objects. Mother’s Day heralds a new year of gardening. Fill a brightly colored watering can or metal bucket with treasures for your time in the garden, from seed packets to new suede monogrammed gardening gloves.

Picnic on the beach. It might be too cool for swimming and sunbathing, but everyone enjoys an old-fashioned picnic lunch in the beautiful outdoors with a red checkered tablecloth.

Recipe books. If Mom loves to cook, look for unique and creative cookbooks to add to her collection.

Satin robe and slippers set. The nights are getting warmer. Give you the luxurious feel of satin.

Security system keychain. Look for a key fob with features that you will use, such as turning lights on and off and activating and deactivating your home security system.

Website or blog. Create a website or blog for her to keep her family members up to date and share digital photos.

Photo memories. Many photo processing websites offer a variety of items to which you can add simple photos: everything from wallets to key chains and coasters to jewelry boxes.

Photo books. You don’t need to be a scrapbook expert to create beautiful photo books. Scrapbooking has become so popular that many of the top online photography websites have templates that allow you to connect your photos and sentiments directly on beautiful preset backgrounds. You can then request a hard copy of the photo book for the recipient. The best thing about this type of scrapbook: you can order a duplicate for yourself and more for grandparents and friends. These are surprisingly affordable and easy to create, and they are a keepsake mom will treasure for years to come.

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