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Mobile app development is something that businesses need to take seriously today. Whether you’re selecting a mobile app template or getting a custom design for your app, you’ll need to take care of a few things and keep a few guidelines in mind. Let’s dive into the things to remember when you’re building a mobile app for your business.

Consistency with your corporate design

Every business already has a “corporate design”. This means that you already have business cards, official documents and letterheads that have some design, some look and feel. When designing your mobile app, make sure it fits this layout. This means select the closest font, select the correct color scheme, and you probably already have a logo to begin with.

Well, if you’re selecting a mobile app template, make sure you select fonts that are closest to your existing font and color combinations. For an app template, also decide which parts of the app to customize. Well, finding a template that suits the style of your business could save you a lot of development time.

The right kind of navigation

When selecting an app template, make sure the navigation suits your business. You don’t want to get stuck with complicated navigation that your customers or employees can’t use. This creates a negative impact on your business. The home page should contain all the appropriate sections for users to select and navigate. Second, select whether you want to use a touch style or a slider navigation style. For example, if you’re a newsstand or blog-type app, make sure it’s easy to swipe. If you have a lot of user-generated content, more taps are easy for navigation.

header layouts

If your business already has a logo, it’s a great idea to include it in the header. Other options for creating headers would be to create something innovative, but remember that the available space is only 300×74 px. Including your brand name in the header is also a great idea.

Select the appropriate pattern for the different sections.

It’s also a good idea to select the correct pattern for the different sections of your application. How you display content and images in the app will make all the difference. For each type of content, you’ll find that there are several ways to display it. Select the design that will allow you to emphasize the most important aspects of your business.

Last but not least, the home screen and icon will be the first interaction with your customers. Make sure it’s powerful enough to create the first impression.

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