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See it to believe it… use it to FEEL it!

Fancy a lower body workout that’s fun and competitive?

Welcome to the world of KICKBIKING! You have to see it to believe it!


A kickbike is a hybrid scooter/bicycle. Features a scooter deck, front tire like a bike, and rear tire like a scooter. It doesn’t work with pedals, but it DOES be done by a person! Do you want to move? Everything depends on you! Unless you’re on a downhill incline and gravity is your best friend in the whole world!

Kickbike was designed by Hannu Vierikko, a Finnish doctor who ran marathons and wanted to get in shape without hurting his joints. The Kickbike is the fastest scooter in the world!


It uses the same muscles as running, but has a lower impact. In fact, a Kickbike workout uses even more muscles than running. It is propelled by pushing with alternate legs in a movement very similar to running.

In mountainous terrain, twenty minutes on a Kickbike is roughly equivalent to one hour and fifteen minutes on a road bike.


Kickbike is a decidedly adult scooter! It won’t fold up so you can tuck it under your arm and head to 7-Eleven for a Big Gulp. It’s not the kind of thing you’d trade for Pokemon cards with your schoolmates. It’s a serious training machine and deserves some respect.

– The Australian Kickbike Racing Team can’t imagine life without him!

– Women love it for the definition it helps build in the rear and thighs.

– Athletes use it to train.

– Dog sleds ride their Kickbike while their canine team guides them along the course.

– Enthusiasts regularly organize and attend tournaments and events across the country and the world!


Kickbike designers developed four different styles to fit a variety of exercise and transportation needs.

THE CITY CRUISER: Will have you running errands in style, while making your legs and butt the envy of your friends! Take a leisurely kick in the park, improve your overall fitness, and turn heads while you do it! The City Cruiser’s upright stance and upgraded wheels maximize rider fit and comfort.

THE X-COUNTRY: Hit the road, climb mountains, skirt streams, wherever your inclination takes you! With front fork suspension and disc brake you can go hard and dirty!

THE SPORTS CLASSIC – Durable tires are fast on city streets, yet still provide traction and comfort on country roads. With a functional design, ergonomic frame, slick tires and lower handlebars, further enhanced with an adjustable angle stem, make it the best elliptical available.

THE RUNNER OF THE MILLENNIUM: The MR is for the athlete looking for the best equipment and maximum experiences without compromise. Every detail has been considered with speed and lightness in mind. This truly is the fastest scooter money can buy.

THE WHEEL DEAL: Kickbike is made from high-tech bicycle components like aluminum alloy handlebars and Trans X components, found on many high-end mountain bikes. There are no chains or gears or bike grease. They weigh about eight and a half kilos and you can carry two in the back of a car.

WHAT ELSE? So many people are talking about Kickbiking, you don’t have to look far to hear an enthusiastic response! There are Yahoo groups, websites dedicated to sports, and there’s even a podcast for Kickbikers!

Don’t underestimate Kickbike for a kick ass workout…and have fun doing it!

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