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If you are thinking of building a new house or expanding the one you have, the architectural details of a house are highly noticed and admired. Architecture has a sense of history and class that no other type of home décor can possess. Architectural details are permanent features and accessories that shape a home’s interior landscape.

These products will add elegance and beauty to your home, transforming common rooms into unique and exciting interiors. Many of our products are inspired by the classical architecture of the past, however the use of our products is limited only by your imagination.

Metal roofs

Homeowners and architects have long used different accents and designs for the interior wall and ceiling, creating that special touch. There are a number of accents, such as moldings, ceiling medallions, or ceiling domes, however, having the perfect type of ceiling ties the whole look together and ensures lasting and timeless beauty for your home. Metal roofs have only been around since the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but their popularity has grown since then. Commercial establishments have quickly adopted the material due to its durability and fire resistance. In fact, steel roofs are being used as widely as mineral fiber roofs. One of the main reasons why metal roofs are the preferred option is their durability. Metal roofs will last longer than mineral fiber roofs. Metal ceilings are easy to mass-produce, lightweight, and detailed, as well as absorbing sound, retarding fire, and resisting moisture and mold, ensuring long life. Steel ceilings have an aesthetic appeal and can impart a sophisticated, high-tech look, from the simple to the decorative.

Splash guard

The can pressed into a kitchen backsplash is fast becoming a very popular item in home décor. In the long run, a pressed tin backsplash is a great alternative to ceramic tile and caulk. Pressed tin is not prohibitively expensive, it is easy to cut, and it is much less “complicated” to install. They can be easily attached with liquid nail adhesive and require no hardware. With styles ranging from Victorian to Art Deco, a tin backsplash can add extraordinary flair and sophistication to almost any décor.

Crown moldings

Whether you are adding crown molding to a new home or restoring crown molding to an old home for historical accuracy, the considerable value it adds will be felt immediately. It gives any room a cozy and warm atmosphere, and immediately increases the market value of the properties. Crown molding is produced in a large number of patterns and types: serrated crown molding, crown molding, ornamental crown molding and cove molding, embossed or smooth hardwood. Crown molding can also be used to contain indirect lighting around the edge of a ceiling to replace direct lighting from the ceiling. This technique is used to give a soft look to many types of rooms and buildings, from bedrooms to elegant dining rooms and museums, to the beautiful Forum Shops of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Crown molding can add romance to the bedroom, comfort to the living room, prominence to the office, and warmth to any type of property. Discover the value of crown molding in your own home or business.

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