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Have you ever heard someone mention grilled ribs lately? If so, perhaps the first thought that came to mind was all those happy memories you had with your friends and family at cookouts. We must say that a cookout is not a cookout unless it has ribs. Many people can smell the scent and can go back to those sweet childhood memories where everyone used to get together and play horseshoes and volleyball and all that. In this article we are going to discuss some basic information on grilling ribs.

First, we would like to tell you that most people are intimidated by rib roast. For those of you who like to grill premium ribs, you may not realize it, but there are plenty of people who get chills down their back just thinking about it. Do you know what this results in? Well, it results in the fact that many people do not grill it themselves, but instead jump in their car and go to a restaurant that offers premium ribs. Maybe this is where the saying “let the chef handle it” comes in.

Actually, we have to tell you that prime rib is one of the simplest cuts of meat to cook. Either in the oven or on the grill, prime rib is something that anyone can prepare, so if you haven’t grilled it before, you should relax because it is really simple. Have you ever cooked meat and no matter how hard you tried to make it tender, it was still tougher, so tough that a lion in the jungle couldn’t eat it? Perhaps this is all due to the cut. When choosing your rib, you should always remember to choose a good cut that has a nice fat marble. Wondering what the fat marble is for? The truth is that the fat marble will add flavor to the meat.

If you are at your local grocery store and you can’t find the right cut of rib to grill at the meat counter, then you should never hesitate to ask the meat manager at your local grocery store why they are there for you. Once you are the meat manager at the local supermarket for that good cut, you will see that they will bring it to you in no time.

Once you finally get that good piece of rib at home, you need to let it come to room temperature, the biggest mistake we make is refrigerating it. It’s okay to leave it for a while, as long as you plan to grill it later that day. Contrary to popular belief, it is not going to go bad that fast.

You will also find that the meat has that tender and pleasant texture that people like the most. Honestly, when it comes to grilling ribs it is so simple, the truth is that it is as simple as cooking it in an oven. On a side note, we must tell you that grilling is better than cooking it outdoors. If you don’t believe us, you should try it yourself to see.

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