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Does God want to communicate with ME? Really? Really? How is this going to happen? Are you offering a half decent cell phone plan and an app I can get to connect with The Creator of Everything? I hope the roaming charges aren’t through the roof.

It’s a bit much, isn’t it, to think that God would really want to have a personal and private communication with anyone, let alone ME. For one thing, what would he say to God? “Thank you for ruining my life?” or, “Can you give the Toronto Maple Leafs at least one Stanley Cup win, before I die?”, or, “I’d like some extra cheese on my burger, please.”

In this article, you’ll get some clear, real, hard-earned templates for starting the connection you have with that part of your brain that’s used for contact with, well, the creator of your brain.


  • I guess with God, I’d be inclined to say “please” a little more.
  • be thankful To cultivate a sense of gratitude, look around your life, at the people, places, and things that you can really coldly know have been helpful in your life.
  • If this is a stretch for you, dig deeper. Find something. Maybe the FACT that you can read is something you could get a little gratitude for.

Here’s a point of view from The Big Guy:

“…I am god, or, if you prefer, God, and I am that force and spirit, that cosmic consciousness, that consciousness, which is everywhere, in everything, at all times, in all conditions, everything time, in substance, in non-substance, believe it or not…”

And that’s great, sure… but how is my life going to improve right now?

Obviously, this may seem like too much from above. Getting to know God in a very personal way may require an investment of time and focus. I guess for people who are NOT inclined to believe in the existence of God, this linking business might be a bit of a stretch for them.


  • Have no anticipation or expectation of any specific or tangible results.
  • You engage your own consciousness with pure technique, using the middle path of innocence, which is classically described as not holding onto a vision of what should or shouldn’t be near:
  • You take it as it comes.
  • No strength or concentration or push-push-push, try-try-try.
  • When you realize that you are no longer with the simple technique, let your awareness gently experience the light return to the simple technique.
  • Ask the creator of your brain, Mother Nature, whatever name you want to apply, ask to have the contact. He just asks. Quietly, in your own mind, at the level of thought.
  • Just ask. Think about the question in your own mind. Keep it private and personal.
  • Ask like this: “(insert creator’s name) please come into my mind and speak to me, clearly and precisely. Thank you.”
  • After asking, remember, no anticipation or expectation of ANY results.
  • You have asked simply and clearly. This is enough to start the process.

The point is that anyone can prove all of this, even if they do NOT believe. The idea is that you begin to exercise the muscle of God consciousness in your brain. According to some interesting research, we have a part of our brain called the God Center.

When this part of the brain is stimulated with a mild electrical current, EVERYONE, whether they believe in God or not, has the strange and unusual experiences of being aware of some kind of Higher Power. Each person who is stimulated in this area of ​​the brain has their own unique version of this experience.

Get started and enjoy exploring more about these alternate states of consciousness.

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