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Let’s go ahead and face it: not all states are created equal. There are thousands of reasons why a person might have to settle in a certain region, and some regions get an unfair share. Some states may have the advantage of being beautiful or have a mild climate, or a low state income tax. Others may have large, diverse cities with huge upscale business districts. If a state is exceptionally lucky, it could have world-class tourist attractions, exciting professional sports and entertainment, or A-list celebrities.

States can get two or three of these, but not all. Unless that state is called Florida.

Florida had an unfair advantage from the start. Its dazzling beaches and seemingly perpetual sunshine made it the crown jewel of the East Coast centuries ago. And the more people flocked to him, the more impressive he became. Professional sports franchises began to arrive in the city, golf courses appeared, and then Walt Disney and Universal Studios arrived.

Florida’s modern reputation as a state full of retirees was already a testament to its idyllic situation. There are endless miles of retirement homes and all varieties of assisted living communities for today’s active seniors to choose from. The business has been booming for decades because, I mean, “who wouldn’t want to live in Florida?”

And then the inevitable happened. LeBron James, perhaps the biggest celebrity in all of sports, a man destined to be a billionaire and a powerhouse of the economy of whatever city he works in, decided to move there too. He has chosen to join the Miami Heat, a team that has already won a championship with Dwayne Wade, arguably the third best player in the league. The team will likely bring championships to Florida, but more than that, they will bring even more money and notoriety to the state. Home games will sell out every night, and that means huge tourism and excitement revenue for all of South Florida, a region that already had plenty of both.

It is unfair? Yes, completely. As Florida seniors relax on the beach with their iPads, watching their beloved Miami heat make its way through the Eastern Conference in February, Ohioans will snuggle in front of small TVs in the senior center with the heaters blaring, wondering why they didn’t. follow your friends to The Villages. That’s the lot of Floridians.

So congratulations, Florida. You didn’t need another reason to make the rest of us jealous, but you did it anyway.

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