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After spending all day in the hustle and bustle of this modern world, more and more people consider their bathroom the best place to de-stress, relax and indulge in luxury. This is also the reason why many homeowners get involved in bathroom remodel projects. In addition to improving your quality of life, this form of home improvement can help you sell your home faster in the future. This makes a bathroom renovation a very worthwhile investment.

But what if your bathroom is small or narrow? Instead of being intimidated by size, get inspired by some creative ideas to make your bathroom look and feel more spacious. When contemplating your next bathroom design, here are some great ideas you might like to try:

Mirrors work like magic

Adding mirrors to small spaces is the oldest trick to transform even the smallest space into a more spacious area. Add a corner mirror to your bathroom to effectively duplicate everything in sight, like lights. It is a wonderful technique for bathrooms without natural light.

Be playful with paint treatments

Even by choosing the simplest and most affordable paint, you can totally change the look of your bathroom. While the bold colors are impressive, creative paint treatments can work wonders in small spaces too. Paint is a very easy update to make, so don’t hold back and play as much as you want.

Try an open shower

It’s no secret that getting rid of the shower door can add more space, and for the smaller bathroom, every space counts. Of course, you need to take some additional waterproofing measures, like laying floor-to-ceiling tiles, but this design is worth a try.

Choose your tile wisely

Place the focal point of your bathroom on the floor to draw attention down and then back into the room. With the right tile, you can make your visitors forget about square footage. Putting a similar motif on the rear window glass similar to the one on the floor can make for a cohesive bathroom design.

Be unconventional with your design

Trying out an unconventional design can add more space to your otherwise cramped bathroom. With some creativity and strategic location, you can put everything you need inside the room without feeling cluttered.

Do not forget about the built-in

Older homes have small bathrooms with lots of random cracks, nooks, and walls that are generally not used. Get the best out of these surfaces and never let a place become dead space.

Add a mural

Placing a large mural in your bathroom can be deceiving at first glance. Today, there are many poster-style murals in many stores. Imagine opening the bathroom door only to be transported to the desert or the beach.

Get bold with wall coverings

Finally, a bold wallcovering can do wonders for a small bathroom, as they are delightfully shocking on the eyes. You can also add the same wallcovering to the ceiling for an extra dose of drama and create a unique space in your home.

No bathroom is too small when you use these strategic tips and tricks. Now it’s your turn. Take advantage of these ideas and get creative. The best transformation you ever thought possible only takes a little planning and daring to be different.

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