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Although the tantalizing aroma of sweet baked goods wafts out of your bakery and beckons customers in, there is one thing that lurks precariously everywhere that is far from tempting. With every shake of an egg, every shove in the oven, every delicious finished product taken out of the oven, every interaction with hungry customers, and even beyond hours of operation, your exposure to risk is present.

You have worked very hard to develop your business. Don’t let the possibility of loss and damage destroy it. Get the coverage that will protect you from a lawsuit and the financial turmoil that may arise!

Examples of genuine claims that can happen to any bakery

Bodily harm

The bakery was fresh and clean after the cleaning crew left. A man entered. Unfortunately, he slipped on the wet floor and fell. The client suffered a broken ankle. It brought a $ 12,000 follow-up against the business owner.

Damage to property

The clerk in a bakery had a well-deserved coffee. When he realized how burdened the other workers were getting in dealing with customer demand, he took a break from his recess to lend a dedicated hand. While serving a customer, he inadvertently spilled his coffee on the laptop that he had placed on the service counter. The man filed a lawsuit against the landlord for his loss: $ 5,000.

Water damage

The grease seal in the bakery is broken. This led to an overflow of liquid in the basement, in the neighbor’s adjacent apartment and in the rented storage space on the lower level. The accumulated damages reached the sum of $ 25,000.

Loss due to fire

There were a lot of greasy rags stored inside the bakery container. The container was next to the electric heater. The dangerous combination of hot air and grease-saturated cloths caused a fire and the associated loss of $ 15,000.

What type of insurance policy does a bakery need?

Although bakeries in general share a common liability threat, each store is unique. Your best option for purchasing a protective insurance policy is to speak with an experienced insurance agency that deals with general liability, as well as homeowners, auto, commercial, workers’ compensation, life products, and more. Professionals who take your interest into account will review your individual situation and explore your extensive network of companies to develop a comprehensive personalized plan, with a low competitive budget. Not only can this make you adequately protected in case the unthinkable happens, but it also presents an attractive product with invaluable added value: peace of mind!

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