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Antwaan Randle El is a unique soccer player due to the fact that despite being an exceptional quarterback at Indiana University, he became a very effective NFL player at wide receiver. It is rare for an athlete to be talented enough to play multiple positions at such a high level. Being able to excel in multiple positions on the soccer field is indicative of an athlete who is capable of excelling in multiple sports.

A little known fact about Randle El is that, in addition to his impact on the soccer field, he found time to contribute to other sports programs while at Indiana University school in Bloomington, IN. While in college, the high-profile athlete also played on the basketball team for a season under legendary head coach Bobby Knight (1998-1999 season) and even played college baseball during the 2000 season.

Randle El was born in August 1979 and demonstrated his impressive athleticism at a very young age. Growing up in a predominantly African American area (80%) of Chicago’s south side, Randle El was a standout star of three sports for Thornton Township High School in Harvey, Illinois, despite its relatively small size peaking at 5 ‘ 10 “and 190 pounds. While in Thornton Township, the future pro soccer player dominated his opponents on the grid, hardwood and baseball diamond. The eventual Indiana Hoosiers star quarterback once set a record state high school in Illinois by scoring 69 points in a basketball game and was also drafted by the Chicago Cubs out of high school.

As a football player for the Indiana University Hoosiers, Randle El was considered one of the best offensive players in the brave Big Ten Conference. Despite being undersized to be a Division I quarterback in the Big Ten, Randle El masterfully combined passing and running efficiency to help make Indiana one of the best offensive squads in the country. While quarterbacks with the ability to run the ball have historically been present in college football, few combined the running and passing aspects of position quite like Randle El, who would become the first player in college football history. in running for 40 touchdowns and shooting for 40 touchdowns.

While in Bloomington, Indiana, the star player broke numerous team and NCAA records as he headed to finally be named the first-team All-American quarterback and the Big Ten Player of the Year after his senior season. During his four solid years as a quarterback at Indiana University, Antwaan Randle El did what no other player had done, putting up 2,500 yards on offense for four consecutive years.

Since leaving college in 2002, Randle El has been a valuable player for both the Pittsburgh Steelers (where he won a Super Bowl) and the Washington Redskins. To utilize his athleticism in addition to normal receiving duties, Antwaan is often asked to return kicks and engage in trick plays where he can show off his passing skills from wide receiver position.

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