Posted on is a well-known website because it is able to combine many retailers that sell everything you can think of, and then makes buying things over the Internet very easy. An incredible number of shoppers enjoy shopping at and today there’s a new Amazon Rewards credit card that should bring a lot more people to Amazon. The credit card is a rewards card that can earn you free rewards points each time it is used. Points can be redeemed for free stuff on, and every purchase you make (wherever the card is used) will earn you 1-3 points for every dollar spent and purchases on reward 3 points for each and every dollar spent. It only takes 30 seconds to know if you’re approved, after which instant credit is available as soon as you’re authorized. As an added bonus, thirty dollars will be credited to your card immediately after your first purchase.

The Amazon card offers a better spending adventure than a standard credit card as it includes quite a few great features. Issued by Chase, this credit card has been a respected lender for many years. Points take a long time to accumulate, but when you reach 2,500 points, you’ll get a $25 rewards gift card. You may not use points at any time; Two thousand five hundred points must be accumulated before you get your reward.

This credit card has no annual costs and offers special offers for new users. Some of the special offers that offers are; no interest for 6 months, 100% free balance transfer and some discounted items. Although there are all these exceptional features, there are some disadvantages. If you go over your limit, there is a $35 per month fee and a late payment that can cost anywhere from $15 to $40. The monthly interest on Amazon Rewards Cards is quite reasonable, amounting to about fifteen percent per year. however, if your payments are late, your interest rate will increase to thirty percent or more annually.

Overall, my personal Amazon Rewards Card review is very optimistic. It has saved us a lot of money simply because I have been taking advantage of the free balance transfers, $30 off my first purchase, as well as the no interest plan. My credit account can be accessed on the Internet; it will show me my available points, balance due, it also helped me pay my bill effortlessly within 2 minutes. I am very happy with my Amazon Rewards card and will continue to use it for as long as possible.

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