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As you read this book, you will have to suspend the disbelief you feel when confronted with my claims that for at least 5,000 years man has been in close contact throughout the world. If he has read my other books, he will know that I have argued the case better than anyone and that there are many good scholars who agree with me.

Puma Puncu and Lake Titicaca may provide the proof, as a recent research team finally checks the spiers of ancient buildings to which fishermen have tied their boats for millennia. Here, high in the Andes, we know that there were astronomers who were also in Central America, where the Earth’s Energy Grid allowed something fantastic to dovetail with other places, including Giza. Cosmic energy and earth energy in concert with your soul energy was able to build psycho-spiritual attunements that have only recently been sublimated by most nations or by our leaders. However, these leaders are members of cults or Christian Mystery Schools like the Rosicrucians who use this occult knowledge against us.

I think there is a very good chance that it was well understood 15,000 years ago by Andean astronomers who were Celts and then became Chachapoyas and leaders of the Incas at a time when a lot of real knowledge had diminished. High above the clouds, they could see the Milky Way formation that looks like a snake without the glass lenses they got from slow lava flows and that archaeologists have found at La Venta in Mexico and in modern Ecuador. Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, Viracocha, Xolotl and others are the ‘travellers’ I think I come from are Druids through many sources in other books. Here is a bit of the Theosophists’ view of the Serpent or Dragon Wisdom that led Central America and included people boarding their children’s heads to make them look like snakes.

“We read in The Secret Doctrine that fohat, divine messenger, intelligent cosmic electricity, that before the Divine Word proceeds to create worlds and the beings in them, moves in a meandering course, generates spirals; and this spiral plan of evolution is imitated to all over the world. nature, from nebulae to the spiral growth of plants. The serpent signifies divine wisdom, creative intelligence; and the Masters of Wisdom are called serpents, which gives a new meaning to the injunction “Be wise as the serpents”. Hermes or Mercury carries the caduceus, a wand with two serpents entwined on a staff; the Chinese made the serpent the emblem of their emperors; the Druids called themselves serpents; serpent emblems once called Dracontia they covered the world and are still found; Quetzalcohuatl was the serpent deity of the ancient Mexicans, dragons are found in all ancient symbols with the same sense, but we also hear of evil serpents, the Gnostics spoke of an Agathodaimon and a Kakodaimon, or a good and an evil divinity, represented as serpents; Hercules kills Python; At birth, Apollo defeats a serpent, but he does so through another serpent: the superior wisdom in man defeats the inferior. The two nodes of the moon, Rahu and Ketu, are called the head and tail of the Dragon. So, the snake can represent the duality of human nature, which is nothing more than a copy of the duality in the cosmos. A dual geometry can be based on left and right helical curves. There is the serpent of spirit and the serpent of matter, the heavenly wisdom from above and the earthly wisdom from below, that Paul speaks of so often.” (1)

There are many books by Adrian Gilbert, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch and others that show the correspondences between Egyptian and Mayan prophecy. I consider a lot of this to be mere rationalization of the Armageddon type of fear-mongering and ‘miss’ story. They inevitably bring alien influences into the game and often see it going from Egypt to the Brotherhood of Sarmoung rather than having a previous land-based culture in places as archeology now demonstrates. I have documented these things in books beginning with Diverse Druids. As a result, the chances of my work getting a real publisher are slim. Archaeologists don’t integrate all the discoveries around the world, and the media in the US refuses to report finds like Yonaguni’s or tell us why the Kennewick Man site was destroyed. I know 60 Minutes asked that direct question, but I have yet to find an answer as to who did this or allowed it to happen the day before the congressional bills went into effect.

The correspondences of the Mayan calendar with Egypt are real in some aspects and I do not rule out the information provided. However, I look to science to explain these things rather than take the easy answer that fits a paradigm that has fed us excrement on Elohim or other alien influences for the last five thousand years.

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